Moments from our history

Check out some of the key moments from our short but vibrant history.

September 2014
Tin Kadoic joins as Creative Director

With years of experience in agency leadership, design and education, Tin joined us in a mission to help grow our brand.

August 2014
Ministry of Sound App

Throughout 2014, we worked with Ministry of Sound on their new mobile app, which got featured as App Store’s Best New App. Check it!

May 2014
Golden Balance Sheet and Deloitte Fast 50 CE

In May 2014 we`ve been awarded with Golden Balance Sheet, a recognition from the Croatian Financial Agency as the best performing IT company. Deloitte noticed us even sooner – in August 2013 we`ve received their Technology Fast 50 CE recognition as one of top 50 fastest growing IT companies in Central Europe.

April 2014
So long, Real Networks

During 2012 and 2013 we`ve focused our resources to help develop RealPlayer Cloud. So in 2014, Real Networks acquired a small dedicated team of developers and designers from Five Minutes, and formed a new development center in Croatia.

January 2014
Failed a conference (in a good way)

Organised FailConf, a place where we discussed successes and, interestingly, failures. Still remembering that inspired talk, Jerry Colonna!

April 2013
Started partnership with Rhapsody

We established a strategic partnership with Rhapsody / Napster, a premium subscription music streaming service. Our teams of developers, designers, and QA engineers are developing and enhancing Rhapsody products across multiple mobile and web platforms. Rock on!

October 2012

Decided to spend better part of our saturdays building awesome things for fun. We built Cipele46 this way, which is a donations platform website for a non-profit org.

September 2012
Office upgrade

With 44 of us, the old place was getting cramped, so we moved into a bigger location, dedicating extra space to various gaming activities (table tennis!)

March 2012
Founded a New York branch

We’ve been focusing on US market before, but now we’ve established physical presence through office in New York. SoHo galleries, shops, restaurants and startups, here we come!

September 2010
Luka Abrus is the new CEO

Previous CEO and founder Viktor Marohnić took role of ShoutEm CEO, so a new guy, Luka Abrus steps in to lead Five.

June 2010
ShoutEm got $1.2m VC investment

Our in-house product ShoutEm begun life at Five, grew and pivoted, attracted financial support, received a VC investment and eventually, parted ways to form a NY-based, global product company.

October 2008
Hired our 10th employee

Grew in size, moved into nearby office, and those afterwork drinks started to get crowded. Exicting times!

January 2008
Signed first contract with Real Networks

We grew up using Real Player, and then eventually partnered with Real Networks on developing their next-gen products! Our developers, testers and designers joined forces with several Real Networks` product teams in a partnership that would continue for 6 years.

December 2007
Opened up office in Osijek

We`ve been obsessed with quality since the beginning, so we started our office in Osijek, Croatia, and founded quality assurance excellence center. It has grown since to a dozen of STE`s, SDET`s and support staff.

April 2007
Pticica won us our first award

Pticica, our photo sharing community, won a trip to Microsoft MIX Conference in Las Vegas as the best Croatian web site. In the same year we launched social network Trosjed – it was the dawn of social networking and we ruled the Croatian web space with gazillion users, but along came Facebook and ruined our party.

Founded Five Minutes

The name was chosen as a personal goal for running an average kilometer during a marathon. We might have gained a few pounds over the years, but we still run!