Steady start, strong finish

Our best projects start with detailed preparation, which allows us to stay lean and iterate when needed. Finishing strong means happy clients and five star ratings.

UX Design

Five UX team consists of user experience experts that take charge of complete design process from researching and sketching, through wireframing, to digital prototyping. The UX team envisions client`s mobile assets, leads user testing and delivers on usability and top-notch user experience.

UI Design

With years of experience in web and mobile design, we create engaging mobile experiences that are visually beautiful, eye-catching and stand out in the marketplace. We follow client’s brand identity or help create it from the scratch.


Members of the development team have relevant experience and related specialised skills in:

  • managing product design, development, test and release processes
  • developing mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • developing web solutions (HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery)
  • developing server side applications (J2EE, Ruby on Rails)

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated Quality Assurance team has experience with code quality analysis tools, experience with build and integration automation tools, as well as UI testing tools. Quality Assurance plan is a fundamental element of Five service flow. We have put in place a comprehensive system quality assurance processes at every step, from definition to product realisation.
All problems found within tested applications are part of a strict issue tracking process in issue tracking system Redmine.