Five is more than five

We are an amazing bunch of hard-working, ping-pong playing, strategy, design and development professionals.

Viktor Marohnić
Viktor runs a mile under five minutes.

Luka Abrus
Luka plays five musical instruments.

Tin Kadoić
Creative Director
Tin believes five impossible things before breakfast.

Vlatka Šipoš
Key Account Manager
Vlatka climbed five mountain peaks.

Andrej Radišić
Design Director
Andrej nurtures five chilli plants.

Ana Mandić
Lead Developer
Ana rides a five gears motorbike.

Ana Petrović
Human Resources
Ana loves five o’clock tea.

Teuta Nokaj
Finance & Office Manager
Teuta wears five inch heels.

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The latest on what, where, when, why and of who.
Of course, we call this the Five W questions.