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Say hello to our new team members

Nine years ago I worked on cutting edge projects for PalmOS and WinCE. Time had passed by but I still find it hard to be excited about new device like I was about my new Handspring Visor. At the time Palm had hold 95% of the market and it looked like it never will stop dominating handheld and smartphone market. But in only couple of years it lost almost all the fame in race with Windows Mobile and since than struggled to survive.

Right now things are again changing lightning fast, iPhone and Android are about to conquer the world and penetrations of smartphones is growing rapidly. My wish is coming true and we can make a living out of mobile/smartphone software development.
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Visit to Slovenia and Seedcamp news

Well, we went for a Short visit to Slovenia. To meet Andrej from Noovo, guys from Zemanta and friends we met at business angles in Ljubljana Sosed.

Andrey show us Noovo in action and I really like what I have seen. Lot of features and pretty inovative stuff. I like those news agregation services because it is already very hard to follow all that infrmation and it will become harder and harder. Company which can provide best software for that purpose will be very sucesfull. I just hope that it wont be Google or some other large rotten company.
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Yahoo Fire Eagle

We did small research on Fire Eagle. It is a great service with really cool features. I was so excited about retrieving location via cell tower id. It feels so great that you can avoid any business with mobile operator.

However we have tested it in Zagreb and it does not have info on our cell tower ids. I guess thay need some time to gather data about it first.

Second thing is that you cannot use it as a white label API but your users have to have account on Yahoo FIre Eagle and let you use their data. I think that we will support that in Shout’Em but besides that we will use their geocoding and zonetag services internally for users which does not have Yahoo accounts.

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Busy days

Well we are quite busy these days. Working on Seedcamp prototype.

I guess that it want be so easy. Lot of good startups will apply.

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e-content and kindle

One of my favorites services started to compensate artists. If this works out and I don’t see why it should not, it would be the greatest thing ever happened in music :). After Punk of course :)

Imagine that bands can avoid labels completely. On they have it all. Promotion, distribution, sales…

When I was a teenager I was listening music mostly form independent labels. We were putting money in envelopes with list of albums I want to buy and guys would send me back packages. And these days you just buy your music from directly from artist. Nice :)

Other nice post from Seth Godin on Amazon kindle explains how the costs of music and books can dramatically be lowered this way. Also he predicts great future for Amazon Kindle and I agree with that. I think that Kindle is great device. It is not so hyped as iTunes or iPhone but it is definitely not a geek device with limited market as iPhone.

So conclusion. Books and music cheap and at any place. Isn’t that great. When I remember that I had to wait for two weeks to get Nirvana album on a tape:)

And it is a nice way to make publishers run out of their business :)

Zemanta Pixie
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Few thoughts before going to bed

1. I really believe that mobile social networking is only social networking that makes sense. I want to socialize on the go not while working.

2. Microsoft will kill Google in next five years. I saw them coming back from dead several times and I see they have big motivation to do that in search too. They definitely have he power. And besides that lately it seems that things at Google are breaking apart.

rode bike, brought camera, forgot battery...

3. Cloud computing is greatest thing lately. I wish that Microsoft does the same thing as Amazon with Ruby on Rails but ten times better.

4. We still need database in the cloud :)

Broken google image I have pulled in using Zemanta :). Now I’m waiting will it pull out link on zemanta web site. Updating… No. Hm they should hard code link to Zemanta to always show :) One more update …. No. Ok I will paste it manually :)

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Searching for money

So Five minutes Ltd is currently searching for investor :)

But I wanted to write little bit more about how that happened. First of all it took me a while to realize that it is actually possible to ask for money from someone. It was not in my nature to ask for money anybody. I guess I was raised that way, which could be good. But in another, business sense that just does not work. I was never told that is ok to ask for money if you have a smart idea and you can make profit for your self and investor. If you can make you both happy that is cool isn’t it.

Different example are young entrepreneurs in USA. I was a couple of times in USA and I saw that for example they don’t even think about starting a business without at least some funding. And today those amounts are usually 1 or 2$ mil. Quite common funding for people who actually have no reference no experience etc… Wierd, but it seems to work :)

But here, things are little bit different. Investors want to see that you already have some successful business. I don’t mean successful in a sense of popular and money burning but more like profitable :). Which actually makes more sense to me too.

So. Now after we realized that, we started to look for investment for our new project. We wrote business plan, make few presentations, worked on our pitch and started to make more and more contacts.
Guys like Seth Godin and Marc Andreessen helped a lot. Huge :)

I was actually astonished by the size of that whole investors, VCs, business angels scene. How many of them are out there, how much money they have and how hard for the is to find good projects. But the problem is that guys like us asking for money is even much more there :)

We started locally. On webstart. Berislav , Ivan and their crew did a great job and brought really, really cool, real life investors to Zagreb.
We are currently in talks with three investors from that conference and all three of them are interested in some ways in our company.

After that we were on presentation at Business angels of Slovenia. We met one really interesting/interested guy there. His name is Zvone Jagodič and he is founder of which 75% he sold to Slovenian Telekom for quite nice sum of money. Now he is looking for partners :)

We also talked to MCI VC fund and Poteza fund. But they are looking in more grown businesses than ours.

Business angels of Croatia are just founded and I expect that it will take a while before they actually invest into something. Of course we talked to them. But no success so far :)

That’s all for now.
We are looking forward to one European conference on which we were selected from big number of startups to present our idea. We cannot publish any details yet.
So just stay tuned and you will found out which one.

Also I plan to write here about my theory how Microsoft will kill Google in next 5-10 years so if you want to argue with me please come back :)

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