The Android Cookbook

From small and affordable to powerful and large, nearly 80% of all newly shipped smartphones in the world use some version of the Android operating system. Primarily designed to be flexible, Android adapts to all types of mobile devices. Regardless of whether the device is a tablet or a smartphone, regardless of the screen size and built-in hardware features, the operating system must always provide the best possible user experience.

I talked about this specific topic at this years Mobility Day conference held in September in Zagreb. This article is just an addition to my talk on the basics for developing adaptable applications and describes the key features of the Android platform.

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New people on the block

A great service starts with great people. We’ve been on a hiring roll lately, and have yet to stop. During the last few months we have hired a number of excellent people who have joined our UX/UI design, development and quality assurance teams.

Mihovil Vargović, Luka Vida & Domagoj Kapulica

Luka Vida joined our UX team and will be working closely with our clients and developers designing each client’s mobile assets, running thorough user testing and delivering top-notch usability in every app.

Two junior designers with an incredible potential, Mihovil Vargović and Domagoj Kapulica, will be working with our UI team creating eye-catching and engaging mobile experience. Mihovil’s college project was recently presented at Vizkultura as one of the best student projects originated at art schools across Croatia and abroad, while Domagoj is still involved in his side-kick project Squee, an iOS app for discovering amazing product design and sharing what you like with your friends.

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Be aware of the users in Spring!

I tried to be figurative in the header only to break the spleen mood of this rainy morning. This blog is about Spring Framework and keeping track of the session data, particularly logged in user.

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Java Heap Dump

Memory leaks are notoriously hard to debug. Java, with its built in garbage collector, handles most memory leak issues. True memory leak happens when objects are stored in memory but are not accessible by running code. These kinds of inaccessible objects are handled by Java garbage collector (in most cases). Another type of memory leak happens when we have an unneeded reference to the object somewhere. These are not true memory leaks as objects are still accessible, but none the less can cause some nasty bugs.
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Using mock objects for Stripes-Spring testing

It is very easy to create a mock objects of your Spring layer, and not only does it allow you to create a consistent junit tests, but in the process you will end up with a mocked spring layer which you can use for fast front-end development!
Let’s see how.

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Check user permission using aspect-oriented programming

In this post we will show a example of simple and clean way to check your users permissions across your application using aspect-oriented programming (AOP).
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Using Drag&Drop on tree structure with SmartGwt

The TreeIt has never been as easy to create a thin client web application as it is with the tools such as GWT and it’s third party library SmartGwt. This is a deadly combination which has out-of-the-box support for drag&drop, asynchronous remote procedure calls, localization, history management and much more inherited from GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and accompanied with numerous customizable widgets (lists, trees, buttons, layout support widgets, HTML5 support…). In this text, a simple drag&drop implementation will be demonstrated.

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The importance of using correct JDK

It’s always a good idea to have your development environment as close as possible to production. When working with Java first thing to consider is JDK version. It’s possible to use a newer version of JDK for development but it’s not a good idea. A couple of problems can arise if our development JDK version is different from target version.
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Maven release plugin – 8 tips & tricks

Recently I’ve been working intensively with Maven and it’s release plugin and I wanted to share some things I learned while scripting release process for our project. I wish I could say that everything’s been as easy as “advertised” in plugin’s documentation but unfortunately there were some problems to overcome and also some things I needed that weren’t supported by plugin (e.g. sending of notification email to the team after successful release). So here are 8 tips & tricks to help you release your code like a champ…

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Unit testing with Stripes

Unit testingI’ll describe here how to do unit  testing on ActionBeans when working with Stripes technology. More specifically, I’ll focus on testing approach using MockRoundtrips.

Stripes comes with large set of mock objects which implement interfaces in Servlet specification. We’ll focus on two of them: MockServletContext and MockRoundtrip. Read more

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