Croatian Independent Software Exporters association established

Thanks to the strong initiative of several individuals, namely Goran Radić from Applicon, yesterday was founded Croatian Independent Software Exporters (CISEx) association. CISEx is established for Croatian companies and individuals who are already successful in exporting their software products, as well as for those who are yet to tap into foreign markets with their products, prototypes or ideas. During the founding assembly, attendees elected the president (Goran Radić, Applicon), vice-president (Hrvoje Bujas, GoHome) as well as three members of the management board (Zoran Vujčić, Multicom; Ivo Lukač, Netgen; and from Five Minutes, Luka Abrus). You can find out more about CISEx on LinkedIn group, Export Boomers blog (official blog of the association, in Croatian, or read it in English), or read the announcement with photos on portal (also in Croatian, but here’s the translation to English).

So, what do we, as a Croatian company with 30 people and 95%+ income coming from export, expect from CISEx and where will we, as part of management board, focus our resources? There are several key points – first of all, we expect CISEx to be a network of companies with shared experiences. We are all fighting similar battles, whether with administrative issues or with strong competition – we plan to share experiences and gather joint knowledge that would benefit each of us. We also plan to get better support from each other – we must know our local products and local strengths to be able to cross-sell and up-sell in foreign markets. Currently, small and medium software exporters aren’t well represented and our voice simply isn’t heard. This formal association should be our lever in communicating officially with government agencies. We should promote our interests and focus on education and choosing the right approach for each specific market. Together, we need to raise our competitiveness.

First step is done, we’ve created the association and now first real challenges lie before us. Next step is building membership – 40+ companies were represented on founding assembly, and we expect all of them (and more) to join the association in the first wave. Stay tuned for updates and if you’re in software exporting business – join us!