Say hello to our new team members

Nine years ago I worked on cutting edge projects for PalmOS and WinCE. Time had passed by but I still find it hard to be excited about new device like I was about my new Handspring Visor. At the time Palm had hold 95% of the market and it looked like it never will stop dominating handheld and smartphone market. But in only couple of years it lost almost all the fame in race with Windows Mobile and since than struggled to survive.

Right now things are again changing lightning fast, iPhone and Android are about to conquer the world and penetrations of smartphones is growing rapidly. My wish is coming true and we can make a living out of mobile/smartphone software development.

In last couple of months we’ve experienced strong demand for mobile apps development. iPhone is definitely most wanted but lately we are starting WebOs and Android development as well.

So going beyond buying tons of newest phones on the market, we thought that it might be a good idea to add some human intelligence to the team :). Saying that, let me introduce you to new members and pillions of our mobile development team Viktor and Ivan.

Viktor Brešan is developer with many years of experience in software development, wide range of knowledge and also a founder of couple of interesting web projects, i He also participated in development of famous augmented reality application Layar. In Five Minutes he will work mainly on development of J2ME and Android apps.

Ivan Galić is known to iPhone development community in Croatia as a guy behind couple of iPhone games developed in last two years. Ivan is still studying on FER but his skils and working habbits are comparable to senior developer. With Ivan our iPhone development had grown to three developers in only six months.

All together there is now six mobile developers and we cover all major platforms like J2ME, Blackberry, Android, WebOs,  and of course the king himself, iPhoneOS, which is in my opinion only a very good ripoff of good old PalmOs placed to the market at right time J. Disclosure: I’m emotionally attached to my Palm and still keeping it in the box under the bed. Nothing will ever again be good enough :).

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