Future of mobile shopping

Konzum is one of the leading supermarket chains in Central and Eastern Europe, with revenues of 2,5 billion USD, and just over 700 stores serving 650,000 customers daily.

We joined forces to create the ultimate mobile shopping experience.

As convenient as possible

  • Don’t want to leave your sofa?

    Just browse the catalogue, add to cart, schedule delivery and you’re set.

  • Not sure about payment?

    You can pay immediately using a credit card or you can pay to the delivery guy.

  • Using multiple devices?

    Start shopping on your desktop, continue in public transport on a smartphone, complete the order in the office on your tablet device.

  • Do you want to be notified when your favorite items are on promotion?

    Just subscribe and purchase them low-cost.

Your shopping assistant

Konzum mobile apps are packed with cool features. You can use the store locator to search for the nearest shop, read the promotional catalogues you’re used to getting in your mailbox, browse through more than 20,000 items and receive personal offers based on your previous purchases

So one of the biggest challenges was to organize the user interface to be intuitive, understandable and easy to use for every shopper.

Early sketches and paper prototypes guided our initial discussions. Wireframes and interactive prototypes helped us simplify the user interface and focus on the important things.

Oh, the discussions around the barcode scanner icon placement went for days!


With a clear goal to simplify the shopping experience, we turned to flat design. With clever usage of white space, clear typography and bold action buttons we streamlined the shopping flow and eliminated the unnecessary distractions. Simple and beautiful.

New improved navigation and a new search engine - find the required products easier and faster using new navigation by category or by entering search term in the search box.
Keep track of items on offers - sign up for free to receive notifications about the ongoing special offers and promotions of your favorite items.

If it looks native, feels native, it must be… hybrid?

The core of the application has been developed using single responsive HTML5 codebase that spans both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Powered by the mighty AngularJS framework we created an extendable app that performs fast and slick, just as native. You couldn’t tell the difference, right?

Our job is never done. By tracking and analyzing the app statistics, we’re continually optimizing the user flows and ultimately making the shopping experience easier.

Try it out yourself.