Author: Matej Salković

Riding the Bézier wave

When working on 2D/3D graphic applications, moving objects along curves is very often a requirement. Solution to this problem Рthe B̩zier curve Рhas been known for decades. This article is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of B̩zier curves; rather, it should give a beginner just enough knowledge to get her/him started.

A quick introduction to Python decorators

Decorators were introduced in Python 2.4 to provide a clean syntax for function wrappers. New syntax was not only applied to already existing Python built-in wrappers, but also enabled programmers to elegantly wrap any function or method with additional functionality. Time for a quick dive into decorators!

PyGTK widgets and custom signals

PyGTK is a set of Python wrappers for the GTK+ graphical user interface library. Read our introduction to PyGTK widgets and custom signals!

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