International NodeSchool Day 2016 @ Five

Over 24 hours, the NodeSchool community came together and hosted events in 27 cities around the…

Java Heap Dump

Memory leaks are notoriously hard to debug. Java, with its built in garbage collector, handles most memory leak issues.

Using Drag&Drop on tree structure with SmartGwt

Today i’m going to show how easy it is implement drag&drop functionality on a visually represented tree structure using SmartGwt.

The importance of using correct JDK

It’s possible to use a newer version of JDK for development but it’s not a good idea. A couple of problems can arise if our development JDK version is different from target version.

Maven release plugin – 8 tips & tricks

Recently I’ve been working intensively with Maven and it’s release plugin and I wanted to share…

Unit testing with Stripes

I’ll describe here how to do unit testing on ActionBeans when working with Stripes technology. More specifically, I’ll focus on testing approach using MockRoundtrips.
Stripes comes with large set of mock objects which implement interfaces in Servlet specification. We’ll focus on two of them: MockServletContext and MockRoundtrip.

Working with Maven

When working with large projects with a lot of modules one can easily lose track of all the external dependencies. This is where Maven comes in. Its convention over configuration approach enables you to quickly set up your project.

Logging with Spring AOP

With Aspect Oriented Programming concept you can easily intercept method calls, and write a detailed log – method name, arguments, returned value and execution time. See how this works in Spring (Java).

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