One of my favorites services started to compensate artists. If this works out and I don’t see why it should not, it would be the greatest thing ever happened in music :). After Punk of course 🙂

Imagine that bands can avoid labels completely. On they have it all. Promotion, distribution, sales…

When I was a teenager I was listening music mostly form independent labels. We were putting money in envelopes with list of albums I want to buy and guys would send me back packages. And these days you just buy your music from directly from artist. Nice 🙂

Other nice post from Seth Godin on Amazon kindle explains how the costs of music and books can dramatically be lowered this way. Also he predicts great future for Amazon Kindle and I agree with that. I think that Kindle is great device. It is not so hyped as iTunes or iPhone but it is definitely not a geek device with limited market as iPhone.

So conclusion. Books and music cheap and at any place. Isn’t that great. When I remember that I had to wait for two weeks to get Nirvana album on a tape:)

And it is a nice way to make publishers run out of their business 🙂

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