First impressions of new Android phone, HTC Hero

HTC HeroHTC Hero is my first Android phone and I`m using it for a month now. First minute impressions were very good and that is mostly because of its user-interface, the latest version of HTC Senseâ„¢ and applications that are bundled with it. Looking from the outside, device itself looks very nice but still not that elegant like an iPhone:

  • Front side has a trackball and six buttons (‘Call`, ‘Home`, ‘Menu`, ‘End call`/`Lock screen`, ‘Search` and ‘Back`). This makes it look a bit geeky with too many hardware buttons in my opinion. Some other Android devices have just three of them (‘Menu`, ‘Home` and ‘Back`).
  • Up top there`s a 3.5mm headphones socket and at the base it has the ExtUSB port which is compatible with standard mini-USB. No complains here. And yes, it will recharge the battery when connected to computer with USB cable.
  • Left side has volume controls and on the back there`s the 5-megapixel autofocus camera. There`s no flash and no dedicated camera button.
  • To access microSD card it is necessary to remove back cover.

It is instantly usable as a social-network client since it comes with preinstalled Twitter application and Facebook bookmark in the Browser. There are handy shortcuts to them right on the homescreen in the shape of pretty looking widgets. The homescreen has seven panes and you can switch between them with a horizontal swipe across the touchscreen in either direction, or using the trackball. To add even more flexibility and space to the homescreen, HTC has created ‘Scenes’. ‘Scenes’ allow multiple homescreen layouts which will be used to differentiate between workday, social use, travel, etc.

Since I was new to Android and Senseâ„¢ user interface, it at first impressed me with its smooth user interface. Then there was a period of confusion in managing applications while I was learning my way around Android system because I was new to it. That didn`t last long and now I can certainly say it is an excellent smartphone with very modern user interface and operating system. Android application store is now offering paid and free applications and it had around 5,000 items in May this year. And it is growing strong, very probably passing 10,000 mark by end of this year.

You can read detailed reviews of it here:

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  • Thank you for the good article, I’m very excited. I have had my phone for simply over a month now and am in reality playing the entire unfastened apps from the android market, being able to have the internet and navigation at my fingertips the entire time. The one lower than concept characteristic is the image/video text messages, as they are not downloading properly.

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