What better way to start a week than by hosting a meetup, right? And this wasn’t a regular meetup: there were two unique things about it. First of all, this was our first Ruby meetup that we managed to organize with the special help of our dear friend Bruno, who gathered the best guys from the Ruby community.

Ruby Zagreb Meetup 01

Can you see our special guest?
Can you see our special guest?

The second thing was that we had a special guest – a dog. We didn’t catch its name, but we’re kind of sure he hadn’t been around before. We’d also like to mention that for the past few weeks we had another special guest in our office – iOS Developer named Bond – so we are happy that the good word is spreading throughout the dog community.

ruby meetup 03
Bruno giving a lightning speech
ruby meetup 04
Tomislav (first row) and the crowd

Back to our meetup: In this first gathering of Ruby developers at the Five office in Zagreb called Zag.rb Meetup, we hosted thirty or so Ruby developers from Zagreb and presented two regular talks and one lightning talk. The two regular talks were about Mina 1.0 (Stjepan Hadjić) and Active Record Associations (Tomislav Mikulin), and the lightning talk was about DB foreign keys in Rails, presented by Bruno Sutić.

Ruby meetup 05

Stjepan talking about Mina
Stjepan talking about Mina

We are hoping for many more meetups like this, and we would be happy to host them again. Till next time, High-Five!

P.S. we are looking for Ruby developers. 🙂

ruby meetup 08

ruby meetup 09

ruby meetup 10