Google Developers Agencies Five

Five officially became a certified member of the Google Developers Agency Program, an elite group of agencies around the world that have demonstrated excellence in creating Android apps. To be eligible for this prestigious certification program, as Google explains on their web page, an agency must satisfy many factors, including demonstrated expertise in using Google technologies and an unbeaten track record of building high-quality apps.

One of the terms for the applicants are achievements like publishing or actively maintaining a minimum of four apps for their clients in the Play Store in the last 12 months, actively keeping apps to have a significantly large number of downloads (1M+) and a high rating (4* or higher). Applied apps should incorporate other relevant Google Technologies (i.e. Android Auto, Android TV, Android Wear, Daydream, Instant Apps, Machine Learning, Wearables) and demonstrate the practical use of Material Design.

App Excellence

With excellent apps, we have proven to Google we repeatedly push not only ourselves but also our clients, to the fullest potential of what can be done with digital devices in this day and age.

Five has a continuous collaboration with Napster (6 years and counting), providing design, development, quality assurance and design efforts across all mobile platforms, their desktop experience, as well as their back-end platform, partner integration, and ordering process.

After a 3-year successful partnership with Rosetta Stone, recently we lifted the revenue of their Learning Languages app by 121% and increased the number of active users by 115% on Android.    

Five has always been very successful with startups. For the Moonlite Story Projector, we digitized the bedtime story reading experience, making the projector come to life with the mobile app, which achieved a whopping 36% user retention. Nanit, the most advanced baby monitor ever created, also came to life with the help of our full mobile product design, resulting in iOS and Android apps.


No doubt we achieved the presented results with dedication and hard work, but one of the first things on our list is continuous education. We send our team members to conferences, workshops, meetups, training camps and any education events with every chance we get.

Considering we learned so much from the community, we figured it would be fitting to wrap a part of our knowledge into something others can learn from, so we made a series of in-depth blog-posts about Android Architecture, recently converted to an Ebook.

Apart from that, every year we educate new generations in our Five Bootcamp.

It is only the beginning

With certification from Google, Five continues to maintain a reputation as one of the elite NYC based software development agencies (there are only 48 agencies that have been certified). We are extremely excited to learn from and collaborate with Google’s subject matter experts, and we will continue to design and develop world-class digital products. You can also find us on DesignRush.