Flaster won first prize at D-Day

This year`s international festival of design held in Zagreb presented the best young designers from Croatia and neighbouring countries. During the last four years D-Day has become an important venue for networking between young designers, and one of the driving forces of regional activity in the fields of design and creative industries in general.

Our lead designer Vedran Židanik had the opportunity to participate at D-Day with his friend Elvis Mehmedović, an interactive media designer like himself. They entered the festival with Flaster (Patch), a platform for hyperlocal reporting. Their idea was to enable citizens to report on issues in their cities using a mobile application.

We are all connected with our cities and we see the problems it faces more clearly. Using Flaster, people can place a patch on the sore spots of the city and this would, in time, create an alternative database generated by the people, which could help improve the life quality in our cities.

An international jury awarded Vedran and Elvis first prize for Flaster. Well done Vedran and Flaster team – we are very proud of you! Vedran is a detail oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist whose ideas and creativity can make a huge impact on people. We consider him a valuable member of our team and we will continue to support this initiative as well as others.

Flaster could not be possible without two more crucial members of the team: Tomislav Grbin, our software engineer who developed the mobile applications and Martina Nemčić, a journalist who helped design the concept of the application.

Start making patches

All you need to do is download the application and start making patches. The device will automatically detect your location and mark it. The complete list of patches generated by the citizens is published on the official Flaster web portal.

Flaster is not only an application for detecting communal problems, but also a platform listing publicly available information on various city issues, which offers citizens, public services and other organizations a place for public discussion about the presence and the future of the city. Every city should aspire to become a digital city and to make information about public works, projects, traffic, ecology, social events publicly available to enable its use in creating additional value.

The success of the project relies on the activity of people, but considering all the positive reactions of the community regarding this platform we believe in a good cooperation between the cities and Flaster. People like to be a part of something and feel they can influence the decisions about the things that directly concern them.

If you would like to know more about how they came up with the idea and what were their motives check out their interviews for Vizkultura and Netokracija.

Download the applications and start healing the city!