Hackathon no.4 The Pancake Implementation

After a longer period of time, we gathered again for another hackathon. We spent two weeks collecting ideas and decided what we wanted to work on. Hackathons were such a fun experience and we all agreed we should do this more often.


At the end of the day we presented our projects and what is the long plan for them. Here is a short summary of the projects we worked on and how we plan to complete them.

Internal Bucket Music Player

While Domagoj and Zoran worked on the UI and UX part of the player, Vlatka, Tesa and Mario worked on the front-end and back-end of the player. After the entire day, the design was completed and the developers made a huge chunk of the app.

The plan is to work on the player when they have some time to spare, but they’ll probably wait for another hackathon to finish up and implement the whole design. We can’t wait as the design is pure eye candy and there arenew features like who is trolling the playlist with Croatian folk music.

Food ordering plugin

Marin, Luka V. and Tomislav B. worked on a plugin that will help our food ordering process.

We encourage people to meet others around them, and food makes a perfect conversation starter. A lot of food delivery orders are done each day, but it’s always a hustle to create and join group orders. Seamless group orders would provide a better starting point to connect people across the office.

The idea: When someone starts an order on our favorite food ordering website, everyone gets notified via Slack and can join by choosing the food in their own browser. Peer to peer js and stuff.

Project started with a wireframe and the team developed a MVP (minimum viable plugin). Plugin is currently in the test phase, and we plan to release it for others to use.

Squarespace beat

Squarespace helps a lot of artist build their online presence and put a spotlight on the work they do. The idea for Beat was to present all of this interesting music through a single app experience.

This way musicians could be promoted and Squarespace would boast with yet another reason to pick Squarespace as the platform of choice.

Simple audio player

After playing around with audio players we decided that we would love to have a simple mobile audio player that would suggest music, based on the user liked and skipped tracks.

We decided that the whole layout should be simple and to have as few options as we can, so the user would concentrate on listening rather than to think about what to listen. We worked on the interactions and design before the hackathon, so we know what wee need to make and how the whole app will work. On the day Ivan made, the larger part of the app and continued to work on it in his free time.

The up close to finished and should hit the app store during April. We’ll post the links as soon as it’ available.


… is the amalgamation of the names Dražen, Josip, Danko and Tomislav, who worked on a game. The idea was to have a fast paced game the player would collect numbers according to the number you have in your circle.

At the end of the day we had a complete design and a good starting point for continuing the development. We’ll launch the Android version as soon as possible and when it becomes a world hit we’ll develop the i version.

Explore music

Our CEO Luka revisited his development days by working on a music exploration app. The concept is to have an app listen to a whole album under five minutes. He presented a concept that was functional, test out the functionalities that .

Internally, we are playing with few prototypes and will announce the app as soon as it hits the store.

Office organisation tool

As the number of people is growing we need to optimise our internal tools. Marko and Ana work on a prototype to see what would be all the use cases for an application that would track our OKR and receiving and sending feedback.

There was some testing after the hackathon, some minor changes, and we’ll continuing with design.


Coneq is a puzzle game where you must remove tiles by connecting two matching tiles with no more than three lines connecting them.

During the hackathon the developers tried to figure out the algorithm for the game.

Ending of day, everything was in place, but we still need to work on the design and level progressions. Srđan and Matej developed the game,  but a lot of things still need to be finished. We’ll continue to work on the design and then try to test different levels and figure what would all the interactions be.

After that we’ll try to find a way to implement it and push a free version for people to use and give feedback.


After the presentations there wasn’t a vote for the best project voting, but we all agreed that Teuta would win by baking 101 pancakes. Her project was well planned with 4 hours from start to completion. The problem she faces was keeping the developers away from them so the biggest stack turned out to be 50 pancakes.

conclusion copy

At the end of the day they were all gone, and we hope that she will continue this tradition on all our future hackathons. A very fun experience for the team that resulted in a few interesting concepts — we are continuing with design and development of the projects and hope to share our progress very soon.