Hackathon no.2: Hacking with duckies

A duck on a robot
There is always something happening in Five Minutes. The beginning of December was a time for another internal hackathon. The spirits were still high from our first one and we wanted to use that before holidays.

We all gathered in one big room. It was packed, but very cozy and friendly. Every time someone got something working, we could all turn around, look at it, comment and applaud if the thing didn’t crash :) There was one debugging ducky for each project and they were the common theme of the day.
The main hackathon room

Here’s what we were working on:

1) Hacking the Pololu 3pi robot

3pi robot
The 3pi robot is designed to excel in line-following and maze-solving competitions. It can be programmed in C and it’s a very fun way to play with robotics. The guys made a short track, a bigger race track and a maze to see how can they push the limits of the robot. As you can see in the video, the robot can also be used to transport duckies.

2) Gesture rich note taking

Designers tried to create a minimal and gesture rich interface for a simple and efficient note taking app. Developers followed with their iOS skills to create a very nice prototype, deciding to go forward with the full implementation. We hope this is not the last time you hear about this.

3) Get milk

The work continues on our internal office app for task and event organization.

4) Sold apps counter

Our colleagues in ShoutEm created a very nice web-based counter that goes “Ka-Ching” every time they sell a mobile app. We hope it becomes so frequent and annoying that they shut it down :)
ShoutEm team

5) Festo flying penguin

Festo company created a flying penguin. Some of our guys wanted to replicate that. Unavailability of the specific foil didn’t allow them to complete the project, but they made a great progress with the carbon fiber structure and the wings that can move and rotate in all directions.

The winner of this hackathon was definitely our sales rep Vlatka who brought chocolate muffins after lunch, giving us enough sugar to complete the projects. All in all, it was a great team building event as always. And who knows, maybe we’ll see you on the next one :)


Angry bird