We present you The Fit Brains Trainer for iPhone and iPad!

One of the most lasting and joyful games for us weren’t classic FPS, RPG or platform arcades – there’s only so many ways to play it and the worst of all, they have the end of the game. That’s why we love playing those brain puzzles and when we got a chance to actually work on one, we took that opportunity and now we’re presenting you the result: The Fit Brains Trainer.

Our partner in this project, Vivity Labs, has a lot of experience in this field; more than 75 million brain games have been played across their Fit Brains network. So, what is this all about?

Keep your brain active!

Fit Brains Trainer is a fully scientifically designed app for your iOS devices (both iPhone and iPad) that provides a collection of fun brain games, personalized training sessions and visual tools to help you improve your brain`s performance. You know how you can get tired while working? Playing any other type of a game might just put you more to sleep; you need something to stimulate your brain cells, something to wake you up and start your brain again. There`s an app for that now!

This was one of the larger consumer projects we worked on during fall of 2012 proving we have a great team capable of covering every single aspect of mobile application development!

As with every other application we get to work on, we put a lot of effort in the Fit Brains Trainer. Our UX team worked on the wireframes and design, while development and QA teams pushed their intellectual and programming skills to make it all happen. We weren’t alone – Vivity Labs provided guidance, especially their psychology team along with the game designers. Both teams worked with us on implementing the actual games and fine-tuning parameters of them to get the most optimal effect for the user.

Only a fit brain is a good brain

The Trainer utilizes an innovative adaptive learning system that automatically scales the level of each brain game to your appropriate level. The complete brain fitness program was developed by Dr. Paul Nussbaum, one of the top clinical neuropsychologists in the U.S. and our app includes more than 360 unique training sessions which will enhance your memory, processing speed, concentration, problem solving and visual skills.

You can also compare your results with your friends by using the Fit Brains Index which measures your cognitive performance across five major brain areas.

So, if you want (or need) to get your brain matter exercising, leave those math textbooks alone – try out the Fit Brains Trainer app now for free and give your brain a quality workout from time to time.

Let us know how you like the app!