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The Fit Brains Trainer offers balanced cognitive stimulation across 6 major brain areas, Focus, Memory, Speed, Logic, Visual and Language. Fit Brains family consists of dozen specialized iOS and Android apps, like Logic Trainer, Cognitive Assessment, and Focus Trainer, as well as the apps for kids, Sparky’s Adventures, and a web trainer available on All designed and developed by Five Minutes, for Rosetta Stone.

What’s unique: Complex, richly illustrated and thought out brain games with different levels and storylines. Summed up: Very dynamic.


With Rosetta Stone’s guidance of their psychology team and game designers, we embarked on a road to design a slick, catchy brain trainer game for smartphone and tablet platforms.

We started off with pen & paper, asking simple questions - where will users hold their thumbs, and how to organize the screen eliminating all unnecessary information.


The Trainer utilizes an innovative adaptive learning system that automatically scales the level of each brain game to user’s appropriate level. The complete brain fitness program was developed by Dr. Paul Nussbaum, one of the top clinical neuropsychologists in the U.S. It was crucial to prototype each game on a new medium, and perform numerous user testings.

Fit Brains Trainer has been downloaded by more than 7 million people, and has been the #1 education app in 90+ countries, with more than 75,000 ratings averaging 4.5 stars worldwide!

You can also compare your results with your friends by using the Fit Brains Index which measures your cognitive performance across six major brain areas.

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The Fit Brains Trainer is designed to be extremely easy to use and focused on the games and experience. Minimalistic design is highly usable and functional, as there should be no distraction while playing games to provide you with an effective, focused brain workout.

Sparky’s Adventures

Extra challenge - designing brain games for kids aged 2-8. Talking about different approach, design and concept? Oh yes, meet Sparky’s Adventures.


Developing brain games loaded with animations and sounds required our engineers to deep dive into math and algorithms. Our code optimizations ultimately enabled measuring brain actions in miliseconds.

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