62% Stability Increase

Penguin Random House partnered with FIVE to improve the official Game of Thrones companion app: A World of Ice and Fire — A Game of Thrones Guide


We have the best GoT spoiler you’ve ever heard. FIVE is behind the new update of Game of Thrones app! Our long collaboration with Penguin Random House entered into a new dimension: A World of Ice and Fire.

house lannister
house baratheon
house greyjoy
house stark
house hightower
house targaryen


Fans have wanted an update for ages and FIVE is thrilled and honored to oblige them. One of the biggest additions to the app is a robust content management system that enables the Random House team to share new content on a regular basis. The app is now supported by a single code base and has many added stability and overall ehancements, such as support for larger screens among many others.

User experience

Reference 540+ characters, visit 380+ places, read up on all the major houses and explore each world with interactive official maps. Whether you’re reading the books or watching the series, this is the definitive companion for you. And it just got better.

Bringing it together

  • 01New CMS behind the scenes
  • 02UX and UI improvements
  • 03Tablet support
  • 04Speed and size optimizations
  • 05Localytics app marketing

Why FIVE and why FIVE again?

Corey Nascenzi
Penguin Random House
Having worked with FIVE on a number of products since 2015, I was excited to partner with developers I trust to optimize and enhance the app for the growing Song of Ice and Fire fan base.
Illustration by Victor Manuel Leza Moreno
Illustration by Marc Simonetti

Release and usage

We’ve just released the app and we’re closely following all user feedback. We’re excited to see how people are enjoying the new features.

A fun fact

Among the app’s thousands of users, even the employees of Penguin Random House use it to jog their memories — it’s a great way to keep track of the hundreds of characters who live and die in A Song of Fire and Ice.