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Enter Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound started out as a nightclub in London, and has since developed a multimedia entertainment business, including an independent record label and worldwide events brand with a radio station and other media outlets. Home of the world’s best DJ’s, Ministry of Sound continue to lead the electronic dance music scene and host the ultimate clubbing nights.

Our house is your house - Ministry of Sound


Sound is at the forefront of everything that Ministry of Sound stands for. The mobile application opens a unique window to the world of Ministry of Sound - from live radio, through an extensive catalogue of on-demand shows, to watching headline DJ sets in Live from the Club.

It’s not about what the equipment does, it’s about what you can do through that equipment.

That’s where the soul is.


Browsing Ministry of Sound’s catalogue and quick access to favorite electronic dance music tracks and shows has been a priority. Through iterations, prototypes, and gathering feedback from user testing sessions with Ministry of Sound fans, we have envisioned a powerful music-centered app, focusing on a premium user experience.


The application streams music online, and having solved the sound problem, we focused on the lights and design. We’ve put emphasis on a world-class design, subtle transitions and numerous design tweaks that enhance the feeling of using the app, while keeping the DJ’s and Radio above all.

Sound system first, lights second, design third - in that order; the reverse of everyone else’s idea.

Justin Berkmann, Ministry of Sound co-founder, on the club’s philosophy
It’s a keeper! I am replacing all my music apps with this amazing app which provides the best music quality and content to date.

- App store user review.

Feel the vibe

No matter if you’re Addicted to Bass, want to go Above and Beyond, or just love The Sound of Deep House, you’re in the right app.


The app has a clear goal to promote electronic dance music and diversified Ministry of Sound’s portfolio. But let’s not forget purchasing tickets for the club directly from the app.

Never miss your favorite radio show or Live From The Club broadcast by setting reminders. Re-live and share the night with photo galleries.

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

- Ministry of Sound
Browse, stream, rave, repeat.

- Five

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