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What did we achieve in six months on iOS?

With previous versions of the app there was a struggle in getting enough users through the registration process. Upon releasing the new version, we designed for a significant increase in both registration and engagement which resulted in higher app ranking and in the end – significant increase in revenue.

  • +0% Revenue
  • +0% Daily Active Users
  • 0.00 App Store Rating
The Webby Awards finalist
The Best Mobile App Awards winner
The Mobile UX Awards winner

What did we achieve in 45 days on Android?

  • +0% Revenue
  • +0% Monthly Active Users
  • +0x Stability

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Teaching languages since 1992

Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone®’s innovative, personalized language and reading programs drive positive learning outcomes in thousands of schools, businesses, government organizations and for millions of individual learners around the world.

  • 12,000+corporations
  • 9,000+public & non-profit organizations
  • 22,000+educational institutions
  • Millionsof learners worldwide

Immersive means you’ll
actually learn the language.

From lesson one, the language you're learning is the only one you'll hear and use. It’s called interactive immersion and it creates a language-learning experience you won't forget.

The vision is to provide a "best in class"
learning experience.

This was the main reason why Rosetta Stone® decided to partner with Five. With almost a decade of experience, in building digital products with a strong emphasis on mobile, and a proven track record having developed Rosetta Stone®'s brain training app Fit Brains®, working together on their language program was the logical next step.

Using a mobile first approach allowed us to start with the core experience, and build outwards to allow our users an always-on experience regardless of their choice of platform.

Design Principles

Design Sprint First!

We kicked off the project by running a Design Sprint workshop that allowed us to understand business objectives, what customers are saying and what engineering can deliver.

It helped us define user stories, decide on a direction, write assumptions, test with new and existing customers and start a dedicated design phase.

Design Principles

Show, don’t tell

When we onboard users, it’s important to convey the core principles of the learning pedagogy. Rosetta Stone® teaches without any instruction in your native language. Visual learning is a key part of the experience.

Make progress transparent

With 5 levels, 20 units, and more than 600 steps within the Learning path, it’s important for the user to always know where they left off and what the recommended lesson is.

Lesson 1 Pronunciation 3 min

Each Unit is customized

  • Core Lesson 2
  • Lesson 1 Vocabulary
  • Lesson 1 Grammar
  • Lesson 1 Listening
  • Lesson 1 Pronunciation 3 min
  • Lesson 1 Listening and Reading 13 min
  • Lesson 1 Speaking 7 min
  • Lesson 1 Review 9 min

Pronounce and improve

With every new exercise, you’ll speak more and more. Syllable by syllable, word by word, sentence by sentence. The Speech Recognition Engine will follow your every word, guide you, and help you improve. You’ll speak like a native in no time.

Building the App

Start with a Skeleton

Replacing the old application means starting where the previous has left - replicating core functionality from authentication, lessons rendering, speech recognition and all the way to progress tracking. That was the role of the Skeleton app that created a foundation on which the rest of the new application was built.

Bring the design to life

Every pixel and every second of a user’s experience counts. Implementing screen by screen, transition by transition followed by numerous reviews, transformed what design has imagined into reality.

Take it Offline

Adding an offline mode made it possible for users to download more than 140 hours of learning material, and take the app on the road with them.

Roll it out to millions of users.

What does it take to roll the app out to millions of users and not break anything? It’s a close co-operation between all teams on both ends and more than 1000 hours of testing.

Final app screens

"Language apps for iOS: Rosetta Stone beats Duolingo and Babbel"

2016 July

"Rosetta Stone and Fit Brains are registered trademarks of Rosetta Stone Ltd."

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