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5.8x Revenue Increase

5.8x increased revenue for the world's premiere language-learning app.

Awards & Recognitions

The Webby Awards finalist

The Webby Awards finalist

The Best Mobile App Awards winner

The Best Mobile App Awards

The Mobile UX Awards winner & Featured Numerous Times

The Mobile UX Awards winner
& Featured Numerous Times

The Mobile UX Awards winner & Featured Numerous Times

Featured in Google Play Store
multiple times

The Mobile UX Awards winner & Featured Numerous Times

Featured in Apple Store
multiple times

The Mobile UX Awards winner & Featured Numerous Times

Apple Store App of The Day
multiple times


Product strategy

We identify improvement opportunities through market and customer research. We then prioritize our findings based on ROI and conduct lean tests to make quick roadmap decisions.

Strategy and roadmap

Over the years, Rosetta Stone recognized Five as partners who could take ownership of their digital product. Many of the recent improvements, came to life as our initiative: we saw opportunities in the market segment and we brought them to life, leaving other learning languages apps in the dust.

Using ROI-based roadmap prioritization, we prioritized product improvement requests based on the value they bring to users and the business as a whole, ultimately building a successful product.

Lots of incremental changes leading to 2.5x more revenue in a year

Overall we upped the revenue 5x, and half of that we managed to do in a course of a year via iteration and optimization, all while making the app 14x more stable.

  • Amplitude
  • Braze
  • Leanplum

Analytics, conversations & customer journey

As Braze, Amplitude, and LeanPlum certified partners, we utilize a data-driven approach in every iteration of the product. Tools like these give us valuable insights into user behavior, key drop-offs, and opportunities for improvement.

We managed to increase Sign Up Conversions by 2x and increase the number of total users by 67%. This was done mostly as a result of data analysis which revealed drop-off points in the sign-up flow.

A multitude of agile and inexpensive user testings

We release new app versions every several weeks, but before we implement anything, we wait for data validations of our assumptions. Therefore, we are regularly AB testing major changes to ensure that users prefer the new features and improvements.


Design and Development

Once we've validated a new feature concept, we meticulously design and validate flows with the target users. After this, we finally bring them to life with purposeful transitions and animated micro-interactions

Show, don't tell

When we onboard users, it's important to convey the core principles of the learning pedagogy. Rosetta Stone® teaches without any instruction in your native language. Visual learning is a key part of the experience.

Make the progress transparent

With 5 levels, 20 units, and more than 600 steps within the Learning path for each language, it's important for the user to always know where they left off and what the recommended lesson is.

Pronounce and improve

With every new exercise, you'll speak more and more. Syllable by syllable, word by word, sentence by sentence. The Speech Recognition Engine will follow your every word, guide you, and help you improve. You'll speak like a native in no time.

Start with a Skeleton

Replacing the application meant starting where the previous one left off - replicating core functionality from authentication, lessons rendering, speech recognition, and progress tracking. That was the role of the robust Skeleton app that created a foundation on which the rest of the new application was built.

Bring the design to life

Every pixel and every second of a user's experience counts. Implementing changes screen by screen, transition by transition, review by review, all transformed the design team's vision into reality.

Roll it out to millions of users

What does it take to launch an app out to millions of users and not break anything?

It's takes close co-operation between all teams on both sides of the product. And more than 1000 hours of testing.

Five-star app experience

With an average app store rating above 4.5 stars, Learning Languages with Rosetta Stone is a prime example of a successful digital product. With the launch of our first version of the app, we significantly increased the app store rating, and since then, we are constantly improving it with various efforts.


"The short lessons make fitting in a bit of learning everyday easy. The interactive features make it fun. So glad I am giving it a try before we travel."



Growth Marketing

Our growth marketing team makes sure the app reaches its audience and keeps the learners engaged and on-track with their learning goals.

Acquiring new users

Optimizing marketing spends for the ROAS so that every $ is spent in a way that is most likely to bring in new users. We experiment with different copy, designs, audiences, and placements to make sure that our messaging is effective and really drives new potential subscribers to the app.

Optimizing key conversion funnels

Once users are in the app, we want to make sure that they don't drop off at key points of the user journey. Using various push/in-app messaging we bring users back on track and show them the full value of the app by helping them find some of the features they haven't explored yet.

By being happy with the app, users will eventually become satisfied subscribers, which is our ultimate goal.

Engaging and retaining users through Braze

With dozens of apps on our phones, it is easy to forget to learn a language and keep ourselves motivated to learn regularly. Because of this, we send personalized and relevant messages to keep users motivated and engaged with the app.

By experimenting with the copy, designs, and triggers we make sure we serve useful and engaging content to users at the right time.

Combining growth marketing efforts, we managed to achieve


Higher return on advertising spend


Lower cost per install

Teaching languages since 1992

Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone®’s innovative, personalized language and reading programs drive positive learning outcomes in thousands of schools, businesses, government organizations and for millions of individual learners around the world.