Discover your product/market fit

Validate if your customers will buy your product before writing a single line of code.

Why do you need this research?

Will your customers buy your product?

Discover what will attract and entice your customers to buy your product

What features do your customers care about the most?

Find out if you can get the same results by focusing on fewer features

How large can your business grow?

Learn how big your market is and how to capture it by scaling your business model

Whether building a new product or improving an existing one, we design the research process to match your specific needs.
1. Start from a hypothesis

1. Start from a hypothesis

Answering the following questions will generate hypotheses to address features and business models needed to attract customers to buy your product.

  • Why is a customer likely to use (buy) your product?
  • How (is it) best to scale the number of customers?
2. Test, measure, learn

2. Test, measure, learn

The data is collected with different tools and techniques and then used to validate against the hypothesis: this is what drives our iterative process forward, or causes us to revaluate and reassess the original model.

  • Customer surveys and the creation of customer personae
  • Quick prototypes and user testing
  • A/B testing with existing customers
3. Final recommendation

3. Final recommendation

Continue confidently with design and development phases, knowing your product is correctly targeted for your customers.

  • Defined & prioritized feature roadmap
  • In the case of new products, defined Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Suggested user acquisition and retention strategy
  • Projected results on key product metrics (MAU, UAC...)

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