We are pleased to announce that SweetPicks, a note-taking iPhone app that we have developed for one of our clients, has been launched in the App Store.

A large part of being productive in our personal and professional life nowadays has to do with the applications we use. However, there are probably hundreds of note-taking apps that have already flooded the App Store. Aware that note-taking applications are dime a dozen on the market, our client has prepared in advance replies to some of the questions that might come up among potential users on the SweetPicks Questions & Answers.


Idea for the SweetPicks app and unique approach to note taking: “things of life you like”, our client found in daily life situations.

Imagine you are out in the city and notice something you like: a pair of shoes, a gift idea for friends or family, a car, a restaurant, a cool bar or even an exhibition you`d love to check out. Often we think we will remember such things but we simply forget all about it.

So here is where SweetPicks comes in handy. A note taking app that lets you capture all the real things of your daily life into a single note – text, voice clip, memo, picture, location, price. A note can be captured very easily while on the go and found back in an instant at any later time.


What made the development of SweetPicks app challenging for us is wrapping the long list of required features the client insisted on in a clean interface that would be easy to navigate and that`s the beauty of it: simplicity with which SweetPicks allows user to make notes is pretty hassle-free considering the myriad features the app offers.

Three different ways to search (by keyword, photo and tag), posting notes to calendar for future reminders, creating favorite lists, sorting and modifying notes, marking location on map, sharing options are just some of the key features SweetPicks has to offer. You can find the whole list of key features and more details on iTunes.

The first version of SweetPicks mobile application is available for download in iTunes Store and the best way to learn more about SweetPicks is to try it.

SweetPicks app is meant to evolve with other valuable features so keep an eye on our blog where we’ll inform you of all the changes about the app which will make your note-taking life much easier.