When we look back over these past few years, we really see the expansion that happened, what feels like overnight. All these new people who joined our team, especially those that came over the past year and a half, didn’t get to experience FIVE culture fully, with most events taking place online. Not to mention the main event everybody looks forward to, that we had to skip on entirely in 2020 – the team building.

Since we weren’t able to hang out together all that much last year, we were determined, as long as it was safe and the situation made it possible, to make up for lost time and go all out this summer, organizing our biggest team building yet.

It’s 2021, and we’re back in style! Summertime in FIVE has reached its peak with a three-day trip along the Adriatic coast on five cruising ships with a crew of around 200 people in total. Our team members all packed their suitcases filled with summer merch, along with their Covid passes, and traveled from New York City, Zagreb, Osijek, and Rijeka to Split. From there, we boarded and soared towards our first location – Vis.

Small sailboats weren’t cutting it any longer, so we opted for ships this time around, which meant less work and more chill time! Actually, we really can’t say we did any work on this team building, mainly because we were busy sunbathing, swimming, testing our SUP skills, and partying. All that comes down to growing our soft skills, right?

After Vis, we visited “Pakleni islands” and Bol on Brač where we did some more “work” on our soft skills, as well as making a pit stop at “The Office” (“Ured” in Croatian) for a joint team meeting. This one, unlike many meetings this year, wasn’t done over Zoom. It lasted for quite some time, which we didn’t mind and, it ended in a different location called Club 585.

We wrapped everything up with a little SUP race and a few more swim stops. And while the feeling of dizziness slowly but surely subsides, we already wish it was the beginning of next summer. 2022., what have you got for us?