The Simple Guide to Product Testing

Guidelines for teams building products and also for anyone that just started to think about new product ideas and ways to validate them.

How we’ve created the LaLa Lunchbox iPhone app

A few days ago the LaLa Lunchbox app landed on App Store. Even after such a…

Server logging – a view from down below

There is a colorful and lively rainforest being uncaringly grown daily on most of the servers out there in the never sleeping on-line world.
Round-the-clock running servers write out a lot of potentially interesting data and each day produce a humongous harvest of logs.
As a developer, have you ever thought about the person who will actually be reading your log lines? Here’s a look on the logging from that man’s perspective.

Regression test with JMeter

JMeter was originally created as a load and performance test tool, but thanks to its constant development it offers other possibilities, one of which is automating a simple (but useful) regression test. Because of its very handy features like the assertions, extractors and listeners, automating a regression test in JMeter is fairly easy to set up, run and view the results.

How do you know if you have a critical bug?

In the old days we could qualify bugs in different scales – severity, impact, visibility, class and priority. This practice seems to be abandoned in favor of easier project management so there is frequently only one field. However, making only one field available for depicting bug importance hasn’t helped much in qualifying bugs critical or making decision on how soon is the fix needed.

5 reasons why exploratory testing may be better for your software project

There are lot of disputes about scripted vs. exploratory testing. Here is a modest attempt to…

Is Quality Assurance agile?

Users does not need to know the fancy name, but are mostly doing heuristics analysis when are introduced to new features. They are deciding is the software with new feature remaining consistent with its history, comparative products, intended use and so on.

Software testing adds a value to software

Every now and then in my daily work I recall wrong definitions of software testing and…

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