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FIVE started as a mobile app design and development shop in 2005. In 15+ years, we’ve launched hundreds of digital products, accumulated enormous knowledge and evolved into an organization that has the skills, know-how, and experience to handle any business challenge from product design, software development to growth marketing and user engagement optimization. We are based in Brooklyn, NY, and Zagreb, Croatia.

FIVE core values that define our success

  1. 01

    Love your client

    Success begins with the right people on board. We want to believe in you, your vision, and your team. We’re passionate about our projects, and we want to be just as passionate about yours.

  2. 02

    Empathize with end users

    Our top hiring criteria is the ability to understand the end user. Two of the most critical skills in product development are solving problems and caring about the people you’re solving problems for. We only hire people who have it already built in.

  3. 03

    Make decisions based on data

    No egos. No hunches. Only data. Every time. We research, test, validate, and measure like scientists in the lab. Then, we make decisions and act.

  4. 04

    Work tirelessly until the goal is reached

    We’re not afraid to fail. We embrace it. We encourage it. We’ve learned how to fail quickly and fail fast. We iterate, experiment, and test as long as it takes to find the perfect solution.

  5. 05

    Shoot for the stars

    We love to dream big and aim high. When you aim high, you get better results, and even if you fail, you’ll fail above everyone else’s success.

Our offices and
the team

We’re based out of offices in NYC and Croatia. Our setup allows us to work closely with our US clients, hire top talent across two continents, be cost efficient and as a result keep overdelivering to our clients over and over again.

New York


134 N 4th Street Brooklyn
NY 11249, USA

Brian Tepper

VP of Product Acceleration

Kristie Wauthier

VP of Product Acceleration

John Garbarino

VP of Sales



Heinzelova ulica 33
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Luka Abrus


Sven Marušić


Boško Kustura


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