FIVE & Endava,
stronger together

Back in March 2021 we announced that we were joining the Endava family. Since then, it’s been business as usual for us, doing what we do best: designing, building and delivering great digital experiences.

We wanted to explain more about what the partnership between Endava and FIVE will mean for your business and the 300+ (and growing) people who call FIVE home.

Helping you shoot for the stars

This has always been one of our values and coming together with Endava means we can do this bigger, brighter and even better! Building on our delivery centres in the Adriatic region, our clients can now access delivery centres across Central Europe and Latin America.

  1. Global scale to support your move into new markets

    This expansion in our delivery capability means we can support you as you move into new markets, in time zones that are aligned and with access to a workforce running 10,000+.

  2. The best fintech talent equals the best fintech projects

    We continue to recruit the rising stars in Croatia. One example of this is our Fintech Hub, where we’re looking to fill 100+ positions to continue meeting demand for API-powered open finance, new operating models using AI and other emerging technologies.

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Vertical expertise to dream big and aim high

Across all industry verticals, we’re seeing a need to accelerate digital, whether that’s developing new digital products to tweaking the online experience to keep customers happy and engaged. Joining the Endava family means we can extend this into areas such as VR and AR as well as scaling up engineering resource.

  1. Volkswagen increases brand visibility with virtual showroom

    Faced with the cancellation of the 2020 Geneva International Motor Show, Endava helped keep the show on the road by building VWs first virtual showroom. Users could look at 30 cars from any angle, change the colours, explore interactive panels and more.

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Coming out of the box to try new things

With Endava’s experience in payments, we can further help our clients in industries such as retail, smart cities & transportation, banking, health care, and education. Offering better or new payment options to grow your customer base, or helping banks move into markets like card-based payment acquiring.

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