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Why Endava?

You want to be surrounded by 280+ people who love what they do…
… you enjoy challenges and problem solving,
…you love to travel, explore different cultures,
… you never stop knowledge-sharing,
… and you party like a madman.

Great! We’re hiring

We’re always looking for exceptional talent. In the past 15 years, we’ve never stopped expanding. Our current open positions are listed below. If you like the idea of working at Endava, reach out to us anytime, and we’ll talk.

  • General

    OnSite Support Engineer Zagreb, HR

    Open Application Zagreb, Split, Osijek, HR

  • Technology

    iOS Developer Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Remote, HR

    Angular Developer Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Remote, HR

  • Project Management

    No open positions

  • QA

    No open positions

  • Data

    No open positions

  • Design

    No open positions

  • Growth Marketing

    No open positions

  • HR

    No open positions

Code Base

Build your first iOS or Android app from scratch.

Boot Camp

Student internships are the best way to kickstart you professional career.

Meet some of your future colleagues

Suzana Košćak
“Twelve years spent in the creative industry, leading the product design, discovery, and strategy initiatives for various clients eventually led me to the head position on our product design team, counting 30 people. I constantly strive to provide a creative direction for different approaches in order to produce the highest quality work. The way I like to unwind is by travelling to a new location or staying in and creating new make-up looks.”
Mihael Franceković
“For the majority of my career, I have been building my knowledge, delivering exciting projects, enabling efficient teams, and experiencing many life-changing experiences – all throughout the last 8 years! A career is a marathon: it’s important to know where you are heading, but at the same time, it’s important to enjoy the journey. So far, my career in Endava (ex FIVE) has enabled me to do just that. Although, I do occasionally enjoy a good cross-country mountain biking marathon as well.”
Taja Kuzmić
“Being on the frontlines of our initial calls with prospects and new clients, finding out how we can help grow their businesses from a strategic perspective – rocks my boat every day. From Sydney to LA, whether it’s jumping on a call with the client or jumping on a plane to discover new places – I never miss a beat. You can either find me dancing at trendy rooftops or exploring wild terrains – you never know with me.”
Dino Sulić
“I joined the Android team at Endava (ex FIVE) almost ten years ago as a beardless student. Since then, my beard has grown, and so has our business. In the meantime, I started to play the role of Android Team Lead, which finally led me to become the Adriatic Regional Mobile Community Lead. That isn’t the only winning team I play for; I’m a proud member of the Australian football squad in Croatia – one of the best in Europe.”
Estera Prendivoj
“My first encounter with Endava (ex FIVE) was six years ago when I was offered a position on their .NET team, but I, stubborn and loyal to Java, respectfully declined. Little did I know that our paths will cross again. The second time around, I took on the challenge that was just right for me – leading a team of 25 Java developers that is now getting close to 40, and will be by the time I finish my first year here. When I’m not jumping from meeting to meeting, I’m probably trying to catch my hyperactive 2-year-old or finding some “me time” while rock climbing.”
Madeleine Fleming
“When I’m not writing requirements, you can find me writing letters. When I’m not conducting user interviews, I’m gleaning wisdom from books & quotes. When I’m not wrangling team members at work, I’m wrangling my beloved large extended family, coordinating & project planning activities from virtual bingo to family reunions.”

Benefits and perks

Working in a great environment with the most amazing people on the most amazing projects is not enough. Ok, we hear you. Here are a few more things that you can look forward to.

01Financial perks​

02Learning & Development​​

03Health & Wellness​

04Team bonding​

05Office perks​

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