Kotlin Multiplatform – A New Kid On The Block

FIVE’s been in mobile app development for some time. In all the years we’ve been at it, we’ve seen mobile development evolve dramatically — we’re excited to always keep up with and pioneer any new tech that comes our way!

How to execute a successful Product Strategy – Part 3

In the third and final part of our product strategy series, we have covered an integral part of product experience, one that completes the product discovery, design, and development phase and ensures product traction.

FIVE is acquired by Endava

Both Endava and FIVE teams are super excited about joining forces and growing and dominating the market!

What a team of 35 designers does at FIVE

In ten years, we’ve grown from 15-20 people to more than 250. We rely heavily on the design team to win projects, impress clients, and rise above the rest — helping us become a leading NYC agency, something we plan on maintaining year after year.

How to execute a successful Product Strategy – Part 2

In the second article in our series How To Execute A Successful Product Strategy In 2020, we’ll continue with Product Discovery and talk about what happens after completing feature prioritization and defining a deliverable scope.

women in FIVE

FIVE: Women at work

Ever since we started in 2007, we’ve strived to build our company as a place where employees are hired and rewarded on performance and character. And we are living those values: we have managed to ensure equal opportunities, resources, and pay for women and men, which you can see demonstrated in the numbers presented in this article.

How to execute a successful Product Strategy

First article in a three-part series for product managers with limited budgets and fixed deadlines who want to see their products succeed in the market while keeping their roadmaps and cash burn under control.

Testing RxSwift Code — How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Writing Unit Tests — Part 3

Part 3 of a three-part blog post on writing RxSwift unit tests. Boost your unit testing productivity with Sourcery, Lenses, Prisms, and Quick/Nimble.

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