We are very excited to share the big news with all of you! Today we signed the final agreement in which FIVE is being acquired by Endava, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker “DAVA”) and headquartered in London/UK, with nearly 7,500 employees, working out of 33 offices in the United Kingdom, United States, European Union, Central European Countries, and Latin America.

Our goal has been the same from the start to grow our business so that we can always provide enough opportunities for our super talented employees to stay happy, fulfilled, challenged, and compete with the best people in the industry worldwide.

The opportunity with Endava is a win-win-win, which is the only type of deal we’ve ever been interested in, and that benefits and brings value to everyone involved.

At this moment, we believe that we are looking at the next chapter and a very exciting future that opens up a vast sea of even more exciting work challenges and opportunities for all of us. As a member of the Endava family, we are positioned to take on much larger clients and tasks. And additionally, we can do that with the help of a partner that brings stability, experience, and the mentorship that we all deserve after many years of hard work.

Besides all that, it’s important to talk about culture fit. What impressed us from day one about Endava was their humble culture, very similar to FIVE. While 30x larger than FIVE, they also work hard to stay lean and on the edge, innovating with new services and approaches for clients and always questioning and improving the true value they bring to clients. They are also very proud of being an employer of choice in many markets, as they build their business around their people and strong culture. After months of talks, we now perceive Endava as FIVE’s older sibling that will provide more than enough challenges for growth for everyone here.

Both Endava and FIVE management teams are super excited about joining forces and growing and dominating the market. Together we will keep building an even more amazing company and compete with the best of the best on the market!