3M Users Streaming Daily

Formerly known as Rhapsody, Napster is a pioneer in music streaming. Together we are delivering music to millions of people worldwide.

Napster’s leading streaming music service offers 32 million songs to more than 3 million users worldwide. As a pioneer in streaming music launched in 2001., Napster is a #1 on-demand music service in the U.S., and one of top two in many countries around the world. FIVE is Napster’s strategic mobile partner, developing its mobile apps and core services.

32 milion songs
#2 on-demand music service in the usa
all over the world
millions of users

Through their music services, Napster has paved the way to instant online access to millions of songs partnering with all major labels, reimagined Internet radio, and expanded into more than 30 countries across the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

Whether you’re enjoying music on your phone, at home, at work, or in the car, Napster goes where you go. Mobile to the bone.

Napster in FIVE

FIVE has established several teams fully supporting Napster’s business and achieving always existing growth goals. Through our development, quality assurance and design efforts, we are continually developing Napster’s platform.

Our teams are working on mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), desktop experience (Ruby on Rails), as well as back-end platform, partner integration and ordering process (Java, Spring). We’ve even done several car integrations, including BMW and Audi.

We are continually developing and evolving Napster’s offering, working directly with product owners, and integrating third-party infrastructure when opening new markets. Our teams consist of team leads, senior and junior developers, QA engineers, as well as designers. FIVE is fully integrated in the development process, with our experts leading several Napster’s initiatives.