Market insight to guide business buying decisions is limited and often unorganized. There simply aren’t enough resources for buyers to use that will help them identify the right business partner for their needs. Fortunately, there is one platform that’s proven to be an effective solution to this problem and has been successfully helping buyers connect with the right service providers all around the world. That platform is called Clutch.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews website for B2B service providers. Our agency, Five, built a profile on Clutch back in 2017, and since joining their research of leading mobile app development companies, we’ve enjoyed many benefits of being listed on a third-party site. Our profile on Clutch gives us the opportunity to improve our online reputation, collect verified and authentic reviews from our clients, and we can see how we rank against competing firms in our area and in our industry.

How Clutch ranks companies is a unique, two-fold process: First, they conduct an evaluation of each firm’s market presence. To do this, their team of research analysts takes a deep dive into our website to analyze the services we offer, the types of clients we typically work with, and case studies of successful projects we’ve completed. Even our social media presence is taken into consideration in Clutch’s thorough scoring methodology. Second, our clients actually speak with Clutch analysts to provide personal and accurate reviews of the projects we’ve worked on together. Five has 18 client reviews on our profile so far and getting the chance to hear such honest and positive feedback from our business partners is probably our favorite part of having a profile on their site.

Five stands strong after being evaluated by Clutch, and we’re proud that we’ve earned an extremely high position in their listing of the best mobile app development companies in New York. In fact, we’re #5 on their leaders’ matrix of New York app developers, a list that has over 300 companies included. It’s no easy task to have such a high position in their app development research, and our team feels very proud of all the hard work we’ve done and successful projects we’ve delivered that got us to where we are now.

To learn more about Five and our team’s capabilities, be sure to take a look at our profiles on The Manifest and Visual Objects, two sister sites of Clutch that also serve to help buyers find the right business partner. Five is featured on The Manifest amongst leading UX designers in New York, and on Visual Objects, you can check out visual representations of our development work via our portfolio.

Apart from being recognized from the Clutch team, we are proud to be listed as a top Best USA App Development Companies on DesignRush as well.